by Harrison Fulop

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Burning is a chemical process, it is aging, transformation, a source of destruction, renewal, pain and light. Time is a fire in and through you--it leaves you changed, a remnant of your old self, yet something new entirely.


released October 1, 2015

Harrison Fulop — Voice :: Guitars :: Bass :: Banjo :: Keys :: Synthesizer :: Vibraphone :: Glockenspiel :: Percussion

Skyler Norwood — Synthesizer (2,5) :: Drums/Percussion (3,6,7,9)

Ed Matonis — Trumpet

Jennifer Woodall — Clarinet

Nate Crockett — Violin

Justin Power — Bass (3,6) :: Drums (10)

Miscellaneous Stomps and Claps — Harrison Fulop :: Skyler Norwood :: Justin Power :: Nate Crockett :: Jennifer Woodall :: Hannah Fulop :: Michelle Yockelson :: Ryan Stillwell :: Madeline Midgett

Recorded January 2014 — August 2015 at Miracle Lake Studios in Camas, WA. Engineered and Mixed By Skyler Norwood. Produced by Skyler Norwood and Harrison Fulop. Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering in Portland, OR. Photography by Harrison Fulop. Additional Artwork by Catherine Thompson. Album Design and Layout by Hannah Fulop. All songs copyright © 2015 Harrison Fulop.



all rights reserved


Harrison Fulop Portland, Oregon

Born in a Wide Valley, Sings from a Tall Mountain.

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Track Name: The End
There is so much earth, gonna let it turn
while miles of blue sky gonna watch me learn
I got too much heart, gonna let it burn.
We are apart, but will return.

This road's a river, gonna watch it run.
I'll see mountains the color of the sun,
hear cries of sorrow cruel as a gun
but we're together, so life's begun.
Track Name: Drinking Wine
Spring blew through my window, came looking for you
he said, "I don't feel right, she's got me playing the fool."
He's not the only one who's craving your moves.
Without your face and your sweet embrace, only one thing I can do
'cause thinking about

Your hips and your sweet lips got me drinking wine.
Time'll roll and you'll come back home
But 'till I see your smile I'll be drinking wine.

The blood-red of the sunset makes me feel alright.
But it's nothing like your voice when I turn out the light.
You've got your own dying fire, it's getting me high.
When I come down I drink all night just to keep from crying.

Shining through my mind: The early-morning light dancing off your body.
Memory ain't hard to find, neither's the bottle when I'm without you.
Track Name: Silent Melody
Well if I were a painter I would paint the breeze.
If I were a sculptor I would carve the sea.
But I am a singer with an empty throat
so I just sing a silent melody.

And I've seen every rock and tree between us--
you know that I don't believe in distance.
So how come all my heart wants to do
Is run a thousand miles back to you.

Darling, when we're apart
All I can do
is come and find you in my lonesome dream
and sing a silent melody to you.

Driving through the desert, climbing to the sky,
I could live a thousand lives inside your eyes.
The broken ground is holding up the weight of time,
but you and me, we're just passing through.
Track Name: Old Churchyard
Old Churchyard, cold orange streetlight
one of these days, I'm gonna live right
rise in the morning, work till sunset
never do nothing I'd ever regret
be the kind of man who never backs down from a fight
old churchyard in the cold orange streetlight, oh no.

Once I had a woman I'll never forget
mouth like wine, eyes like sunset.
She was my treasure, and Lord, I was a gambler.
Could've had her hand but I wouldn't understand her
Oh no

I could walk to heaven before the night's ended
But'll be a thousand years until my heart's mended.
Wander over mountains to steal the sun's fire,
but it won't burn through half my desire.
My heart's sing, "you're never gonna get it right."
in the old churchyard by the glow of a streetlight.
Track Name: Never Heard
Summer's gonna burn a hole in me.

Autumn's gonna cut me like a blade.

Winter's gonna bring me to my knees.

Spring is gonna make me wish I never heard your name.
Track Name: Why the Sun Shines
I had an awful dream last night:
Lit up by a dying light
the sea sent up a tall, black wave
just to drag the world away.
But from the water flew a crow,
he said, "Son, you had better know,
"these dreams are gonna lead you wrong,
"so just listen to my song." and he sang...

"Lord, I don't know why the sun shines,
but at least I see the light,
and I don't know what I'll do when the shadows pull me through
but 'till then, I'll be alright."

Then he led my by a barren hill,
where the sound made my blood stand still:
a woman wrapped up in her woe,
just screaming down the road.
She said, "Why do I even try
when all that I love must die?
Each season bites me like a cur."
So my crow, he sang to her (and I sang, too!)

"Lord, I don't know why the sun shines
but at least I see the light
and I don't know what I'll do when the shadows pull me through
but 'till then, I'll be alright."

So when the morning struck my eyes,
I let no one I saw pass by
without a smile and a song,
I could sing it all day long:

"Lord, I don't know why the sun shines,
but at least I see the light.
And I don't know what I'll be when the shadows come for me,
but 'till then I'll be alright."
Track Name: Dressed
When August dressed herself in rain,
I knew Summer would be passing.
But I've still got you on my fingertips,
and I wanna see you again.

West Wind, carry my crooked heart
away from these Goddamn city lights,
and if he don't beat, you can tear him apart,
drop him cold, down into the night.

Oh why can't I just sing until the world is nothing at all?

Rain keeps falling down through the trees
making way for Winter to make love to them.
All dressed in white, a forest bride,
and I wanna see you again.
Track Name: Nothing's Gonna Save You
Nothing's gonna save you from me,
Nothing's gonna save you from me,
Nothing's gonna save you from me, Nothing's gonna save you from me.
You can run through the land, you can swim cross the sea,
Nothing's gonna save you from me.

There ain't enough cheap wine in this town to keep me from your mind.
Lord, when Winter comes, all the shadows rise.
Gonna spin you into one more dance, and you know you'll be mine.

Nothing's gonna save you from me.
I'm your long-lost friend, I'm the cold, cold wind,
Nothing's gonna save you from me.

Nothing's gonna save you from me.
You can drink all night, you can pray till it's light,
nothing's gonna save you from me.
Track Name: Blessed Burden
Blessed burden, my heart's a golden weight.
When she's beating, my eyes, they won't see straight.
There's blood on the steps where my feet have lingered too long.
My heart's a golden weight, and I ain't that strong.

Rolling River, if you ever settle down
won't you come and see me, I'll be hiding underground
for a thousand lives of the tallest, coldest trees.
Oh, River, come keep me company.

Saturday night
No one to share my drink with
I'll close the blinds and tear my heart in two
like this song I just wrote for you.

Blessed burden, the sun keeps tearing through
my every notion of ever meeting you.
So beat me, burn me, drag me cross the floor.
Then blessed heart, don't you burden me no more.
Track Name: Changing
Darling, we are changing,
the only thing we can do.
You wanna see the ranges,
so I guess I will wait for you.

And I'll light another cigarette,
I'll smoke until I'm ill.
The only cure I know for my lonely heart
is to drag myself through Hell.

Darling, we are changing
Like everything is gonna do.
The world is only aging,
but we're starting something new.
Track Name: Stay (The Beginning)
I woke up this morning, knew I had to leave,
drag of wine still in my veins.
So I held you tight, as tight as sorrow holds me
and I sang to you, and to my pain:

Won't you stay a little longer this time?
Eat my heart, give me back a rhyme.
Don't you ever stop until I'm dying.
Stay a little longer this time.