The Sea, a Rose!

by Harrison Fulop

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This is my first offering of music to the world at large. Many of these tunes have been growing for years on their own. I have collected them here, and made from them a record which is more than the sum of its songs.

Harrison Fulop: Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Bass Guitar (2, 4), Banjo (3,7), Mandolin (1, 6, 7), Organ (2, 10), Percussion (2, 5, 6, 7)
Jessie Dettwiler: Cello (3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) Vocals (2, 3, 4, 6)
Nathan Crockett: Violin (3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Victor Nash: Trumpet (4, 5, 7), French Horn (5, 7, 9)
Stephen Eggers: Resonator (2, 4, 7)
Skyler Norwood: Piano (1), Percussion (2, 4, 6, 7)
Lindsey Witcosky: Vocals (5)
Galen Cobb: Percussion (7)

Recorded April/May 2013 at Miracle Lake Studios in Camas, WA. Engineered by Skyler Norwood. Produced by Skyler Norwood and Harrison Fulop. Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering in Portland, OR. Album Artwork and Layout by Catherine Thompson. Lettering by Lindsey Witcosky.


released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Harrison Fulop Portland, Oregon

Born in a Wide Valley, Sings from a Tall Mountain.

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Track Name: Songbird and Ivy
There was a songbird nesting outside my door.
When he started singing I knew that I’d heard him before.
Time, it seems, won’t ever stop spinning round and round.
Nothing buried deep can keep itself underground.

I looked out my window and all I could see
was a tangled web of ivy climbing up a tree.
It makes me wonder if all I’ll ever do is
sit here and remember thinking ‘bout missing you.

These days it ain’t easy keeping my head on straight.
It’s been so easy for me to feel like I’ve got no fate.
Love won’t mean a Goddamn thing ‘till you’ve been held by pain.
I don’t think I’d thank the sun if I’d never been caught in rain.

I looked out my window and all I could see
was a tangled web of ivy climbing up a tree.
and I just can't help but wonder if all I’ll ever do is
sit here and remember thinking ‘bout missing you.
Track Name: In the Morning (Lorelay's Ballad)
He’s running down the hill with a raincloud on his back.
He’s been gone from you too long.
Needs to drink his fill, will you give him what he lacks?
He could do you wrong.

She’s floating on the waves unnoticed by the days;
she’s been missing you.
So come and let the ocean flow upon your brow,
she’ll tell you what to do. She’s singing,

“Through the morning I’ll be running,
let the evening carry you home.
And tomorrow will see us together
or your heart I’ll turn to stone.
In the morning!”

She wants to feel your lips, needs your heated breath,
she’s waiting with her song.
But she could turn you inside out and find another boy
so don’t make her wait too long.

Keep following the waves and listening to my heart.
Don’t you forget it.
Run on down the hill, don’t make us live apart
or you’ll regret it
in the morning.
Track Name: The Mountain
High above me, so I’m told,
there’s a place we can run to.
But if I set out on that journey
I may not see the morning sunrise.

Little flaxen seeds of grasses
in your hair were reflected by
my brown eyes under blue skies.
God, I loved it more than heaven.

Come on down from the mountain.
A southern breeze is leading me to your bedroom window.
Come on down from the mountain
and lay your hand in mine.

In late spring, all the birds singing
never even ask why
the sun goes making circles,
always moving through the sky.
Track Name: After Dark
Come and lay down gently beside me,
I will weave my words for you.
Whatever you need is what I’ll be.
Let me ask one thing from you:

Don’t leave me alone after dark.
Don’t leave me cold, that ain’t right.
Don’t pull the net out when I’m falling down.
Don’t leave me alone in the night.

I’ve tried laughing and I’ve tried drinking.
They both dry me out the same.
All I’ve got left is being wanted,
having someone who knows my name.

Don’t leave me alone after dark.
Don’t leave me cold, that ain’t right.
Don't turn the light out when I'm coming home.
Don’t leave me alone in the night.

So come and lay down, gently remind me
that I don’t need to feel so blue.
I can’t remember ever being lonesome
whenever I’m near to you.
Track Name: Not the Only One
You could read me like a page
the way you move in front of me.
I know you think I’m just another gilded cage
but you don’t have to be alone to be free.

I’m not the only one for you
but we ain’t got too much time.
Don’t you wanna see what I can do?
I’ll make you mine.

This old night has got to end,
you don’t care with who.
But you know, girl, I don’t want to pretend
that I’d like to spend the night without you.

Loneliness inside my chest,
desperation on my brow.
I admit that I might not be your best bet,
but I’m here right now.
Track Name: By my Door
I would sing a thousand songs
if I thought one ever could
lead you into these old arms
so I could greet you like I should.

‘Cause I’ve seen birds flying,
I’ve seen waves crash on the shore.
But they’re nothing to my eyes on you
when you danced on by my door.

Child running home from the schoolyard
with the long grass whipping his shins.
Just a kid who don’t know that there’s nowhere to go:
that’s how I’d run to see you again.

This is not a song for sunlight.
It’s a song for the rain in you.
But if you won’t come when you hear my voice,
I’ll play it for the Devil, too.

‘Cause I’ve seen men dying
and I’ve laid my tears on the shore.
But I never knew this kind of sorrow
‘till you danced on by my door.
Lord, I never knew the sorrow you
danced on by my door.
Track Name: Spider Year
Year keeps spinning and winter’s bringing cold.
The next time I see Summer I’ll be too old.

You sing me silent, your melodies are cruel.
I’ll be moving ‘cause I’m no kind of fool.

I keep running ‘cause there’s nowhere to go.
I know how it feels to drive right off the road.

Birds were sighing and you were lying there.
I’d never seen the colors swimming in your hair.

Earth keeps turning and I keep earning pain.
The world is thirsty, I am versed in rain.

Track Name: Star Dance
I wanna see you dancing by the light of the stars
that died a million years ago.
Let me climb into those eyes and trace your little scars.
My hands are made of silence, don’t you know.

Every night now I can see your ghost
when I’m setting down to rest.
I don’t know why you’d wanna weep alone
when you could lie down on my chest.
Track Name: Home
I thought that I would lay awhile
down upon the stone.
I didn’t think I’d every smile,
just sit and weep alone.
But I didn’t know what it meant to feel at home,
Lord I didn’t know I was home.

I walked down by the sea at night,
thinking I’d like to drown.
Everything’s a losing fight
and I’m always sinking down.
But then a light inside me made me up and turn around.
Lord, I didn’t know I was home.

The doctor told me, “Take this pill,”
but I’d rather sing.
The preacher said, “You’re gonna die,”
but Christ won’t say a thing.
There ain’t words to show my heart how to grow wings.
I didn’t know I was home.

So if you’re ever lost and cold
and scared and all alone:
brother, let me show you home.
Track Name: Kind of Fool
Darlin’, I’m just the kind of fool
to write you songs by night.
So wouldn’t you like to be that broken rule
that comes to hold me tight?

So we’ll tell your mama
that the sea arose,
threw us high,
and scattered our clothes.
And what we did, Darlin’,
she won’t suppose.